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Book Tickets

Getting a cinema or bus ticket has never been a hassle free task. Whether having to drive to the cinema or bus stand to book tickets in advance or standing in those seemingly never ending queues, we have all lost time. Not anymore through! Through Zindigi app, you'll be able to book tickets in real time for airlines, hotels, cinemas, bus tickets and much more.

Hassle Free Process


Step 1

Choose the type of booking you want to make. Enter the required details and pay instantly.

Step 2

Once your booking is confirmed you should save the proof/ unique number of your ticket with you. We will send you a proof of your ticket in your email as well.

Step 3

Proceed to use your ticket wherever required just by showing proof directly from your email.

All bookings are done through Book me platform. Any issue in terms of booking, ticket issuance or honoring of commitments in regards to booking is owned by bookme.pk