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Connect to a PMDC certified doctor from our app and get consultation for your health-related issues on the go. The doctors are available on the helpline Mon-Sat, from 9am - 9pm.

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Step 1

Subscribe to Teledoc service instantly from the app. Pay for the service upfront and get unlimited calls for a whole month.

Step 2

Once subscribed, connect to PMDC certified medical doctors on a single click and get consultation for your health related issues.

Step 3

You are automatically insured for life for a sum of Rs.1 Million when you subscribe to Teledoc. Assign a next to kin to receive this money in case of death.

Product is Developed and owned by WEBDOC.

All WEBDOC doctors and PMDC certified and experienced to provide online / digital doctors services. They are also responsible for any consultancy and prescription provided.