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Invest in Mutual Funds

A Mutual Fund is an investment vehicle that consists of a pool of money, collected from a range of investors for investing in securities such as bonds, stocks and money market instruments. Mutual Funds are managed by professional Fund Managers who are top experts in their subject area. A Mutual Fund is created to generate returns for its investors.

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Step 1

Register your account with Mutual Funds. Fill in all the required details for account registration, make sure this information is same as your National ID card details.

Step 2

Verify your account. Once you fill submit a request for account registration, our POC will call you to verify your details. Get your account verified on call.

Step 3

Start investing. Once your account is verified with us, you would get a confirmation email. Start investing in mutual funds from the app and earn money.

Nova is only acting as a distributor of this service. Any investment in mutual funds is subject to market risks. Please refer to the T&Cs document to understand investment policies and subsequent risk involved.